Unreal Tournament • Assault League

Map - Resurrection

Map Statistics
Game Version:Unreal Tournament 4
Map Name:AS-Resurrection
Map Complexity:Medium
Time Limit:10 minutes
Author:Bloodk1ng / Damon Psarris

The Warlock's Tower has remained dormant for decades, taken over by theforces of Order long ago, when the Warlock was imprisoned in death. Now is the time for our master to rise again, and we will take back what is rightfully ours and spread the reign of Chaos to all lands.

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Other Information

Total Times Played:--th most popular map in Unreal Tournament 4 Assault
Most Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
Least Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
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Only official matches contribute to these statistics. At least five matches need to be played for clans to feature in these statistics.

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