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Map - Ballistic

Map Statistics
Game Version:Unreal Tournament 4
Map Name:AS-Ballistic
Map Complexity:Medium
Time Limit:10 minutes
Author:Bloodk1ng / ZerOne

The Tournament has just recently gained the rights to replay the terrorist operation that triggered World War 3. If you are not aware of how these historical events took place then let me summarize the known parts of it. It all started on February 12th 2036. The worlds governments had long tried to sign a permanent peace treaty, though the plan had been halted because no land was seen as truly neutral. As a solution a member of each nation was sent onto a space station built especially for this treaty. Now all this may seem innocent enough, and no reason for a World War that almost destroyed Earth, but as it seems not all were interested in a final peace. A group of terrorists infiltrated a well guarded military base, to launch a missile at the space station and destroy it. Whether these persons were Mercenaries for arms dealers, terrorists, a highly secret military group working for an unknown government or someone else has never been discovered. A lot of conspiracy theories have been proposed, but none have been proven nor disproved. In this tournament the attacking group are playing the terrorist group, whose goal is to infiltrate the missile base, and launch the nuclear missile to destroy the space station, while the defending team is to prevent this. The space station will be out of reach 10 minutes after start of the map.

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Other Information

Total Times Played:--th most popular map in Unreal Tournament 4 Assault
Most Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
Least Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
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Only official matches contribute to these statistics. At least five matches need to be played for clans to feature in these statistics.

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