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Map - Guardia

Map Statistics
Game Version:Unreal Tournament 4
Map Name:AS-Guardia
Map Complexity:Very Easy
Time Limit:5 minutes

Relive a training scenario Liandri use to test the mettle of their top security teams. Break into a research complex and destroy a dangerous new tank prototype.

#0Light the FuseYour assault target is a new Lilandri plasma prototank locked away in an underground research complex. We've identified a weak-point in the complex's defences - an old system of caves that held raw materials for their development. The assault team has set up explosives with a fuse on a hastily-constructed blocking wall; simply use your weaponry to light the fuse and wait for the fireworks. Keep in mind that the complex defence team may already be aware of our arrival!
#1Breach the ComplexInitial reconnaissance deemed this complex has been previously shut down, and only recently had activity turned to the site. As a result, you may find the base run-down and empty of any interesting or valuable assets - the defence team will surely have a spare weapons supply on hand! Make your way through the storage rooms either via the narrow carridors or the old ventilation system.
#2Secure the Main Complex AreaResistance will be fierce due to the constricted space available. By reaching and securing the end of the main complex corridor, their forward positions will be relinquished to the assault team. This will move the team into a better position to cross the complex's lava energy storage facility.
#3Secure the Lava BridgeTraversing the lava source that powers this complex will prove to be the team's biggest challenge. The security team will be defending the research section with increased vigor. Scans of the facility shows alternate routes both above and below the bridge, but lava swimmers wont last long. Cross to the other side of the bridge to push the defenders back further and secure your position.
#4Activate the Bay Door ControlsThe ruined complex offers little of the way of security other than the living breathing defence team. The console to open the holding bay can be found at the top of the adjacent development room; reach it, and the nanobots we've supplied you with will do the heavy lifting and open the bay door.
#5Destroy the Prototank's Gravity Weapon!The prototank is your final objective. The tank is designed to withstand massive amounts of damage from a sustained assault; luckily, the cannon itself is still far from complete and exposed to gunfire. This will be your weak-point; shoot the cannon until nothing remains of the weapon.
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Video Guide & Tips

  • As attackers, the first room offers a set of pipes and a ventilation corridor to hammer to, giving extra opportunities to get past the defenders in the tight space available.

Other Information

Total Times Played:--th most popular map in Unreal Tournament 4 Assault
Most Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
Least Successful Clan:--% win rate from - competitive plays
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