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Welcome to UT Assault - a pro-gaming website supporting the Assault game type for most versions of Unreal Tournament, from the classic UT99 to the in-development UT4. Assault is simple: work with your team to attack a scenario defended by the opposing team. To attack the scenario, you and your team must complete objectives. Once all the critical objectives are completed, your time is recorded and the roles are switched. Defend the scenario for longer than the other team did, and you win!

Of course, this game-type relies on a bit more than pure fragging skill. It's perfectly possible to complete the scenario without killing a single player, although fragging two-to-three players defending the final objective will make your glory all the sweeter!

Assault also features a unique gameplay mechanic; launching. By "setting" your impact hammer in a certain direction with the right-mouse button, you can propel players in that direction; good for getting over walls or skipping objectives. Beware though, standing still with your hammer in the middle of nowhere leaves you completely vulnerable to the enemy!

Assault maps cover a variety of skill levels, ranging from simple linear corridors, all the way to large levels with multiple spawn checkpoints and side-routes you can use if you are a more skillful player. For beginners, we recommend joining a "Standard Maps" server and playing the following maps:

Click for Guardia Info Click for HiSpeed Info Click for Frigate Info

This website supports the Assault community, and provides an avenue to play competitively. Competitive games usually feature 12 players, but other variations of team sizes are available. If you don't currently have a team, you can sign up to place yourself in a pool of players that others can pick from (or even start your own team!).

You may even occasionally find prizes are available for winning our tournaments! The site shows in-depth statistics and lifetime winnings for every player and team - so come on, register for Assault, pick a fledgling team, and work your way up to become an Assault champion!

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