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Assault v4 is here!

New HUD, smooth gameplay, and bugfixes galore!
By Urgamanix, March 05 2017

It has been a long time coming, but Assault version 4 has been completed by Urgamanix! Assault has been on hiatus for a while; the main game code has been very volatile and difficult to code for. Thankfully, much of the game has recently stabilised which has assisted with this release!

4.0 fixes a significant number of bugs that were affecting Assault; in addition, I've started cleaning and simplifying the HUD and adding custom objective messaging. The objective guide and scoreboard has also been improved. It is one of those releases that doesn't seem like much on the surface, but under the hood a hell of a lot of work has been done!

Complete Changelog:

  • FIXED: Many, many bugs that were introduced during Epic's build updates (i.e. the game is playable again)
  • FIXED: Final cinematic camera
  • FIXED: Objectives are no longer completable during warmup
  • ADDED: Revamped HUD elements that more cleanly demonstrate current map situation and time
  • ADDED: A (currently ugly but more prominent) message when new spawns are available
  • ADDED: A new objective complete box for visibility
  • ADDED: A box telling you whether you are attacking or defending
  • ADDED: Hooked up more scoreboard statistics
  • ADDED: Reintroduced scoreboard badges
  • CHANGED: Removed Assault rocket launcher, hammer is now exclusively used for launching

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