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The master has done it again!
By Urgamanix, March 05 2017

Guardia was one of the first maps Urgamanix has used to develop the new version of Assault. The first version was a straight UT99 conversion, which was tiny for the new UT4 character size! Raste thankfully took the map, helped scale it to UT4 standards and added some extra passageways to help with map balance. He also started meshing the map, and Urgamanix took over to slowly continue. This is where it remained for a long time, until BloodKing finally found the courage to complete the task!

Guardia is perhaps Assault's most well known map, for better or worse. It features a series of narrow corridors with little spawn movement and a lot of weapon spam. Few would have it any other way; it is a map for newbies and competitive teams lower down in the league, and the map does offer a few ways to strategise and trick your opponents into defeat. It is the perfect introduction to Assault, and with the map finally fully meshed, it is here to stay!

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